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Joint Production


In a bid to promote film production activities in Melbourne, Australia, we involve in partnership and collaborate with talented actors and producers. Talented minds we partner with are eligible for the federal government grants of a certain percentage of the whole production, usually between twenty per cent and forty per cent, depending on the type of film. The significant contributions offered are

Location Offset

It refers to the percentage given to successful film projects in Australia. At least a 16.5% rebate is given.

VFX Offset

It is also known as a post or digital offset. The percentage given is more than that of the location offset and is offered on expenses incurred on post-production effects and processes.

Producer Offset

The grant is designed to aid the whole production process. It is only given to projects that add value to the Australian state giving special considerations to the subject matter, location, nationality of crew members, etc.

Finally, we help you scout for talents in acting and production and provide adequate, efficient film creation facilities in a conducive and relaxed environment.


We offer two types of co-production, which are official and un-official co-productions.

Official Co-Production

The Australian Government signed treaties with individual countries such as Canada, Israel, Germany, Ireland, UK, and Italy for co-production purposes. In the case of France and New Zealand, we signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding).

The benefit of this co-production is that a product of it (TV program or film) belongs to both signing countries, and you may therefore request investment from the two countries. Also, you are eligible for any grant from both countries.

For incentives in Australia, we have ones offered by the state and one provided by the federal. Some of them are:

PIAF (Production Investment Attraction Fund)

PIAF strives to boost the rate of film and TV production in Victoria and provide labour for a Victorian-based cast and crew, including their HODs while trying to make Victoria a more desirable film production destination.

Regional Location Assistance Fund (RLAF)

You can apply for RIAF before commencing your big project by filling a form providing accurate details and fulfilling the terms and conditions’ prior demands. The grant is open to projects that utilise Victorian locations for at least five days and must not form part of your production budget.

Head of Department (HOD)

It offers a grant of as much as $50,000 and is designed to put Victorian HODs in productions that meet interstate or international standards. Nonetheless, it follows a specific guideline that must be followed while applying.

For more information on Incentives, kindly click on the incentive page here.

Unofficial Co-production

Unofficial co-production does not require the signing of treaties. Also, another difference is that it does not automatically give you access to countries’ grants. Grants are only provided if a significant value is added from the production to the community. Screen Australia considers the subject matter, location, nationality of crew members, expenditure sheet, and miscellaneous as it concerns the production.

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