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Film Equipment Finance

Film Equipment Financing

One of the challenges of embarking on a film project is financing it apart from underlying preliminary issues. We offer financing options for purchasing film equipment. However, it is essential to enlighten you on the various equipment types and select based on quality and usefulness.


There are different types of cameras of varying sizes and lens quality. For instance, the Hasselblad H6D or X1D camera. Factors to be considered when choosing cameras include:


Lenses determine the quality outcome of your picture or video. Your video’s purpose will select the lens type you are choosing and the range of cameras you are going for. For instance, if you desire a result with a PL Mount, you will need a PL mount camera. However, the good thing is that the lenses are replaceable.


This factor is very integral for users in film production. The workflow is determined by how the camera functions after recording, for instance, during transcoding.


Resolution refers to the quality and which determines the market value. For instance, the least required resolution for Netflix movies is 4,000. Hence, it is a crucial factor to consider.


For a feature film, the exposure index on a camera must be considered. It helps you a lot on days when you shoot at night with low lighting. The speed also includes the noise and data level. Hence, you should test run before purchase.


Your editing software must support your camera file types. Some software is selective based on data management and storage.

Sensor Size

We have a large and a small sensor. Small sensors are the best because of their field’s depth, which aids easy and great shooting.


The mobility of the camera is essential. Also, the size of a camera may dictate the lenses to use.

Lighting Sources

Regardless of the camera lens quality, you will require a significant lighting effect for outstanding quality. You should invest in a critical light for lighting sources, a backlight, a fill light, and other accessories such as lighting set-up, including stands, clamps, filters, gels, and diffusers.


Sound is essential as the video itself. Hence, you require a boom or microphones. There are different kinds of microphones which include.”

Dynamic Microphones

They are mostly used in the studios and not sensitive. It is the cheapest and suitable for loud sources. However, it is unidirectional (it can only be pointed to the capture sound location but not to the back of the mic).

Condenser Microphone

It is utilised for studio works, voiceovers, or condensers. They are not different from a dynamic mic, but they are more transparent and costlier. Also, it offers different directional patterns (may be unidirectional or bidirectional, or multidirectional).

Lapel Microphones

These microphones are the actors’ best friend. They work tirelessly and can be hidden in articles of clothing.

Shotgun Microphones

It is a must-have for every filmmaker. Different types of shotgun microphones fit into different directional patterns and can be mounted. Hence, you can choose which best suits your purpose. They are common on movie sets.

Why Equipment Finance?

Financing is the key to live your dreams as a film producer. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or not, financing does not come as an option but mostly as a necessity. Also, the right equipment is contributory to good movie production; hence we provide finances for equipment purchase.

What Do We Offer?

We offer solutions to your equipment financing problems through sustainable and flexible options. More so, accessibility to these options is easy and fast. We share in your dreams and passion and are existent to assist in its fulfilment. We also offer leasing services and consultation services on purchasing.

Our Guidelines for Equipment Financing

The guidelines laid down for equipment financing are straightforward and easy. It involves an online application. We offer a wide range of services that differentiate us from our competitors. The benefits we offer include

  • A hundred per cent purchase financing
  • Access to over $100,000 upfront payment on first application
  • Over $1,000,000 with financial disclosure
  • Deferred payment option with up to seven years term
  • No collateral
  • No age restriction
  • No discrimination
  • No penalties before payments
  • Cheapest rates
  • Fixed payment terms etc.

Requirements for Application

  • The film production firm must be a recognised business entity
  • It must have no bankruptcy history
  • It must have no unresolved tax liens
  • Personal guarantors in case of massive financing

Why Choose Us?

We are reliable and have considerable influence in the industry. We also offer consultation services that inform your purchasing decisions. Our payment system is the most flexible with affordable equipment finance rates.


Will you investigate my credit history if I apply?

Yes, we will. You must satisfy that you have no bankruptcy history. However, there are exceptions made in the case of small financing. We ensure that our system is friendly enough.

Do you have limits that a bank has?

No, we do not. We do not require a rewarding bank account balance nor a blanket lien. Also, you automatically qualify for another once you offset one.

What are your financial rates?

Our rates standard is similar to that of a business loans. However, they are flexible and affordable.

Do you have any specific equipment you finance?

No. We finance all kinds of equipment as long as it aids a film production process.

Do you do start-up financing?

We assist start-ups on a rare occasion and with exceptional qualifications to be objectively determined.

What is the minimum advance you offer?

We offer access to at least $100,000 upfront payment on the first application.

How long does it take to approve?

It takes between three to four working days.

Why do I gain for trusting you?

For trusting us, you enjoy a variety of services that are not limited to

  • No penalties before payments
  • Cheapest rates
  • Fixed payment terms
  • A hundred per cent purchase financing
  • Access to over $100,000 upfront payment on first application
  • Over $1,000,000 with financial disclosure
  • No collateral
  • No age restriction
  • No discrimination

Do you support small film productions?

Yes, we do. We do not discriminate. You may also apply for our incentive programs.