Filmed in Melbourne


Available Incentives

We promote our community by assisting in the quality and efficient film production process. The Australian Government recognises the film industry’s vital position in society and thus provides auspicious incentives. Both the state and the federal government offer incentives that one can access simultaneously. The purpose of delivering incentives is to attract filmmakers and investors to shoot in a particular state.

Over the years, these incentives have helped us grow and make Melbourne one of the world’s most fantastic production locations. For Victoria State, the instrument for film investment supported by the Australian Government is known by the name “Film Victoria,” It offers three main incentive programs in the form of a cash rebate at each production’s end.

PIAF (Production Investment Attraction Fund)

As the name implies, the grant is to majorly attract investors and producers in and out of the state and support their pre-production, production, post-production activities, and VFX facilities.

The goals of PIAF are to:

  • Boost the rate of film and TV production in Victoria
  • Provide labour for a Victorian-based cast and crew, including their HODs
  • Make Victoria a more desirable destination for film production
  • Promote post-production activities in Victoria.

To access the PIAF grant, applicants must show that they will spend at least seventy per cent of the whole production budget in Victoria with receipts. Production usually involves making films, series, telenovelas, cartoons, documentaries, etc. It may also include shows, sports or entertainment programs, TV commercials, etc.

At the end of the production, the Government will evaluate the compliance level with the terms and conditions before payment is finally made.

Regional Location Assistance Fund (RLAF)

The RLAF is established to promote film activities outside of metropolitan Melbourne. The grant is open to projects that utilise Victorian locations for at least five days and must not form part of your production budget. Like PIAF, it applies to the production of films, series, telenovelas, cartoons, and documentaries.

You can apply for RIAF before commencing your big project by filling the form below, providing accurate details, and fulfilling the terms and conditions’ prior demands.

HOD (Head of Department)

It offers a grant of as much as $50,000 and is designed to put Victorian HODs in productions that meet interstate or international standards. Nonetheless, it follows a specific guideline that must be followed while applying.

Film Victoria also offers consultation services on investment for co-production or partnership projects. Incentives are based on an individual project, although the Federal Government has a separate incentive body.

Screen Australia

Screen Australia is the Australian Federal Government’s grant body supporting film production in Australia with three main service blocks. The service blocks are

Location Offset

It refers to the percentage given to successful film projects in Australia. At least a 16.5% rebate is given.

VFX Offset

It is also known as a post or digital offset. The percentage given is more than that of the location offset and is offered on expenses incurred on post-production effects and processes.

The body saddled with this responsibility is OFTA (Office for the Arts, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian Governments).

Producer Offset

The grant is designed to aid the whole production process. It is only given to projects that add value to the Australian state giving special considerations to the subject matter, location, nationality of crew members, etc.