Filmed in Melbourne


Our Lifestyle

Our lifestyle is shaped by our beliefs, traditions, and interactions in the environment. Our way of life is exemplary and a delectable one to experience. Most importantly, we attract tourists and travellers because of our foodstuffs varieties and delicacies produced from them, and our various shopping outlets and attraction centres (beaches, parks, restaurants, malls, zoological or botanical gardens.). You can only experience the best concerts and theatrical performances in Melbourne.

Our lifestyle revolves around.

Art and Culture

There has been controversy over the years on who spells the culture of Australia between Sydney and Melbourne. Whether Sydney or Melbourne, the most important thing is that Melbourne houses evidence of most Australian cultural heritage and artefacts.

We promise you a wonderful experience in Melbourne throughout your film shooting stay. There are many artistic events such as music concerts, theatrical performances in halls, theatre stages, and clubs. Also, our activities will inspire and provoke your cultural thoughts. Indeed, Melbourne is the home of creativity.

Annually, art exhibitions abound in different parts of the city, both local and international, and you may establish your collection of art objects.


Another impressive effect Melbourne offer is its abundance of food delicacies. No other part of Australia competes with Melbourne in the world of food. We hone our culinary skills and flaunt them at the slightest instance. This factor may be the reason for the numerous numbers of restaurants and cafes in Melbourne.

Our restaurants (including Italian and Vietnamese) offer a wide range of local delicacies to international dishes to create the best experience during your stay. The most exciting part is that they operate during the day and at night.

There are also cafes and bars around for local and foreign drinks.


Our cultural activities promote various craftworks that have formed part of film projects, especially those that portray Australian culture.


There are events to spicy up your experience in Melbourne, for instance, sports events and matches. Events include the Melbourne Cup, Horse Race, Grand Prix, etc.

Interestingly, Melbourne hosts the third largest comedy festival in the world. It shows that we love fun, although we are hardworking and diligent.

Tourist Centres and Activities

There are a lot of places in Melbourne that offer you locations for your film projects. Our activities include shopping, fashion, and sport. Also, we engage in all kinds of sports, from soccer to tennis to golf.


Our homes offer the best services at a very affordable rate. Whether fully-furnished homes or hotels, Melbourne gives you a feeling of home away from home regardless of the duration of your holiday or project.

We understand that finding suitable accommodation may be hectic and therefore help you settle down through our agencies. We consider what you want and compare it with your budget.

Families at Melbourne

An essential characteristic of any community is the peace that exists there. Melbourne is peaceful and does not exude hostilities but instead protects its inhabitants regardless of differences.

Melbourne offers essential services to families, not limited to education, shelter, and health services. There is a lot of experience awaiting you in Melbourne. Start making plans for Melbourne soon!