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Here, we offer you the information you need to know about living in Melbourne. If you are planning on shooting a project in Melbourne, then it is inevitable.

Time Zones

It is not in doubt that there are significant differences in time across the continent; hence we have varying time zones. The time zones depend on the country and are numerous, but the main ones are Eastern, Western, and Central Standard Time. Melbourne, in its case, operates the Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Our time zone is favourable, especially for international productions. For instance, a job per day is completed the same day as in the U.S or U.K. By this calculation, we are fifteen hours ahead of New York, nine hours ahead of London, and two hours ahead of Hong Kong. Therefore, when it is 4 pm in Los Angeles (U.S), it is 11 am in Melbourne and varies during summer.

Climatic Condition

Australia has moderate weather with four different seasons. The seasons are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in that order. Spring is warm and spans from September to November. By December, summer picks until Autumn March. Autumn ends season in May while winter resumes in June until August, when the cycle begins again.

Work Permit

For ease and free movements, the Australian Government provides visiting film producers with work permits. The immigration process only requires you to present your passport and visa (with three types) available based on your visit’s nature. For instance, you need to receive approval from the Business Electronic Travel Authority for short business meetings or location surveys. For film production purposes, you would be required to get an entertainment visa or film staff visa.


Our homes offer the best services at a very affordable rate. Whether fully-furnished homes or hotels, Melbourne gives you a feeling of home away from home regardless of the duration of your holiday or project.

We understand that finding suitable accommodation may be hectic and therefore help you settle down through our agencies. We consider what you want and compare it with your budget.


Another impressive effect Melbourne offer is its abundance of food delicacies. No other part of Australia competes with Melbourne in the world of food. We hone our culinary skills and flaunt them at the slightest instance. This factor may be the reason for the numerous numbers of restaurants and cafes in Melbourne.


We have the best schools, whether public or private. It is easy for international students to continue their education in Melbourne due to the baccalaureate program being offered across our high schools.

Families in Melbourne

An essential characteristic of any community is the peace that exists there. Melbourne is peaceful and does not exude hostilities but instead protects its inhabitants regardless of differences.

Melbourne offers essential services to families, not limited to education, shelter, and health services. There is a lot of experience awaiting you in Melbourne. Start making plans for Melbourne soon!

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