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Our Locations

Our services at Filmed in Melbourne include finding a suitable and convenient location for your film production in Melbourne. We understand that it may be tedious scouting for housing or a place in a large city of about 4 million inhabitants. We help you scout and obtain licenses, among other location services in the ever-lively Melbourne city.

The town is attributed to its tall and architectural buildings – skyscrapers inclusive and different facilities that embody your projects’ beauty. In short, our city could pass for the streets of London, New York, and other famous metropolitan towns in the world. Our different outlets in Melbourne, such as studios, have allowed most projects over the years to have been shot in Melbourne.

Are you working on a project? Do you desire a convenient location for it? Filmed in Melbourne is the right commission to use. We have compiled a list of outstanding and accessible spots for shooting your projects, with your ease and convenience being our priority.

Our locations are grouped in different categories, which are explained and displayed below.

Building and Architecture

One of Melbourne’s most conspicuous features is our architectural designs from history (for as long as 200 years ago). We graduate rapidly from one style to another (art deco, colonial and post-colonial). Our architectural designs are originally fashioned after North American and English designs until now. Our new designs display modern trends and cultural differences in Melbourne.

Our buildings are evidence of these architectural designs. The designs are aesthetic and placeable on the international level. They compare with notable cities worldwide and are the most suitable for your film shoots, whether classic or modern.

Recreational Sites

There are lots of recreational activities in Melbourne, like sports centres, parks, and gardens. Most importantly, Melbourne is known for its botanical gardens. Also, Melbourne is blessed with leafy rainforest and a river.


The Australian Government has improved on transportation structures put in place. We have freeways, coastal roads, crisscrossing overpasses, and several bridges with different structural designs.

Rural Settlements & Farming

For rural settings, our countryside offers a comprehensive view and large acres of green land and vegetation. One can compare to rural France or Iowa.

Apart from Victoria, Melbourne is the next that offers reception to desert plains, townships, dunes, and many more that support production. The coastal areas reveal a view of shores, cliffs, and deep waters.

Urban Areas

Melbourne is a large city with a lot of activities. There are beaches, studios, restaurants, malls, sports centres, clubs to mention but a few in the town.

There are lots of skyscrapers as well as modern buildings that rival U.S and U.K standards. Also, there are historical structures that offer a classic blend. Furthermore, geographical distribution support film production tremendously.

Commercial and Industrial

Melbourne is not lagging on the industrial trends. Our commercial activities are flourishing with lots of shops, businesses, rail quarters, docks, mines or quarries, retail outlets, and warehouses.

Filmed in Melbourne is your one-stop company for selecting the most suitable and convenient place for your project execution.

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