Filmed in Melbourne


Our Services

We are a reputable production company that offers grants, investment opportunities, promotional packages, and location consultation services. These services are sources of our many years of experience in promoting film production. In essence, we provide a full series of support services for film and video production in Melbourne.

We believe that the entertainment industry can aid our community-Melbourne development and, therefore, promote film production activities by providing the following services.

Location Search

Our services include finding a suitable and convenient location for your film production in Melbourne. We understand that it may be tedious scouting for housing or a place in a large city of about 4 million inhabitants, so we assist you scout and obtain licenses on your behalf.

Script Surveys and Analysis

The technicalities involved in scriptwriting could pose a lot of stress on anyone. Hence, we assist you with surveys and analyses.

Crew and Talent Networking

Our crew members are professional and talented individuals with several years of experience in the industry. Our team is innovative and respected across the country and beyond. We have received nominations and awards for always exploiting our team’s talent and creativity, including Oscars, BAFTAs, AFIs, and Golden Globes awards.

Our job is to connect you to renowned specialists in each production department based on your demand.

VFX and Studios

VFX (visual effects) is one of the steps involved with film production after shooting has taken place, which surrounds the maximisation of existing screen imagery. Specific actions that may seem impossible when shooting is better fitted during VFX. It is enhanced by a combination of live-action captures with CGI (computer-generated Imagery) and is different from special effects (SFX).

Our Dockland Studio offers production, promotion, and marketing for your excellent and fantastic project in a seamless, work-efficient, and ample workspace with all you need in one place.

Information on Incentives

The Australian Government recognises the film industry’s vital position in society and thus provides auspicious incentives. Both the state and the federal government offer incentives that one can access simultaneously. The purpose of delivering incentives is to attract filmmakers and investors to shoot in a particular state. We provide information on these incentives. For more details, kindly click on our incentives page.

Online Services

We offer digital services which enable filmmakers to find crews, locations, and resources. Most importantly, our online tools are easy to navigate.

Accommodation and Transportation

We give information as regards the immigration process and accommodation in Melbourne to ease your stay. Whether fully-furnished homes or hotels, Melbourne gives you a feeling of home away from home regardless of the duration of your holiday or project. We provide these services with consideration for your budget.

Our complete understanding of the pool of available film production resources will provide you with the security that your project is getting the most out of its shoot in Melbourne.

Our transportation structures have improved over the years with reconstruction projects carried out by the Government. We have freeways, coastal roads, crisscrossing overpasses, and several bridges with different structural designs.