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Our Studios

Are you looking for a studio to bring your movie project to life? Welcome to Docklands Studios, where we help shine a light on your story.

We receive your story from a manuscript through outstanding production to your target audience’s home screen; in essence, we offer production, promotion, and marketing for your excellent and fantastic project in a seamless, work-efficient, and great workspace with all you need in one place.

At Docklands, we utilise a host of state-of-the-art equipment and departments to bring your story to life. Our studio features five state-of-the-art sound stages, each with adjacent make-up and dressing rooms, production offices, holding bays, house recording studios, digital effects departments, and warehouses. A combination rarely offered all at once in any other studio, home and abroad, allowing you to focus on your project as quickly as you can and allowing you to centralise your work all in one place.

All areas have access to full telecommunications and computer networking facilities. With the finest and fastest telecommunication systems running at lightning speed, it is equipped with the latest technology at your disposal as well as high-end computers designed to handle massive processing. We run 10th generation Intel Core processors with massive amounts of random-access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM) to allow seamless processing and editing.

The complex also includes a giant workshop of over 6,680 square metres (71,876 square feet) suitable for set construction and storage. In turn, it provides adequate space to create as many themes to bring your story to life as you would, from dark mythical forests to autumn falls and the wild plains and as much landscape as you could dream of working with.

Much of the workshop also serves as a wildlife reserve registered and properly managed to provide various animal species to film, ranging from deer to antelopes, baboons, crocodiles, koalas, kangaroos, and even particular areas housing the beautiful and deadly Inland Taipan. The workshop also houses the beauty of a waterfall, rock formations, caves, and it beautifully tapers into the Indian Ocean into a beautiful archipelago.

On the aspect of security, our studio facilities are well protected, guarded by the top security agency in the city, going through a vast number of shifts to ensure the facilities are well-protected at all times. Wildlife experts are also always available to ensure the safety of our animals, personnel, and our precious customers. In the area of virtual security, your files, manuscripts, and all are wholly secure with the best encryption to protect your project privacy as well as prevent loss of your intellectual property.

We give you the freedom to express art in a professional and marketable setting, allowing you to maximise your abilities and helping you achieve the best you can. We are here for you to ensure you achieve your full potential as seamlessly as you can logically be.

We also provide other studio settings around towns to give you as much convenience as you might need to execute your project. We have studios located in various cities around the country.