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VFX & Post Production

VFX & Post-Production

Film production involves pre-production activities, production, and post-production processes. The most apparent feature of a post-production process is editing. It requires the addition and subtraction of elements, sounds, and general improvements. The editing process is as important as the shooting process itself, especially in quality, because it is a measure of marketability.

VFX (visual effects) is one of the steps involved with film production after shooting. It consists of the exploitation of existing screen imagery. Specific actions that may seem impossible when shooting is better fitted during VFX.

It is enhanced by a combination of live-action captures with CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) and is different from special effects (SFX). Special effects are not created during post-production but achieved while shooting through make-up, fake actions, animatronics, etc.

VFX fall under three categories, and they are:

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery)

It refers to electronically generated visual effects for films and other productions. It is sourced from the computer and may therefore be in 2D or 3D graphics. Nonetheless, the most common outcome is the 3D VFX for modelling non-existent objects or things.

Chroma Keying

It is also called Composting. It happens when artists integrate visual elements from other sources into a particular production to create a different effect. However, the original filming usually has a green screen or blue screen before replacing another feature using composting software during editing.

Motion Capture

It involves recording an actor’s movement pattern and then converting them to a 3D model. The process could also apply to facial expressions. Motion capture shortly referred to as Mocap, functions as performance capture.

It is achieved by either placing an actor in a Mocap suit for easy tracking or paint the actor’s face in dots. Any data captured from this is modelled into 3D designs using motion capture software.

Melbourne does not only make provisions for production but also guarantees easy post-production processes. There are many long-established and excellent post-production studios where you can edit efficiently, even with guidance.

The quality of films produced in Melbourne has always become competitive at the international level because of our creativity and innovative touch before and after production. We price-quality above our gains, and that has helped us grow tremendously over the years. We have the best studios with committed, brilliant, and passionate personnel devoted to solving the world’s problems with their creative minds and hands.

Our studio features five state-of-the-art sound stages, each with adjacent make-up and dressing rooms, production offices, holding bays, house recording studios, digital effects departments, and warehouses. A combination rarely offered all at once in any other studio, home and abroad, allowing you to focus on your project as quickly as you can and allowing you to centralise your work all in one place.

Regardless of where you carry out your film projects, we will always be happy to work with you on your post-production journey. It is important to note that you are automatically eligible for our incentives when you carry out any of your projects in Melbourne.